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National Financial Advancement Of Colored Persons


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Supported Businesses List

Because we prefer positive over negative we have started with the list of businesses that we are driving support to! 

Feel free to patronize these business and know that they have already proven that they are willing to be a participant for change!


President Trump called for a boycott on Goodyear, because of their ban of MAGA hats.

Enough Said!!

Pizza Hut

"Pizza Hut named Chequan Lewis as its first chief equity officer. Lewis joined the pizza chain four years ago as a director on its legal team, and then led the Pizza Hut Express division as a senior director."

Jessica Wohl


"Havas announced its North American diversity, equity and inclusion advisory committee in an Instagram post. The agency says the nine-person committee “will work together to guide DE&I strategy and help us build a stronger culture.”

Lindsay Rittenhouse

BBDO Worldwide

BBDO Worldwide appoints first chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer

Omnicom Group's BBDO Worldwide hired Jason Rosario—the executive producer and host of Yahoo! 

Lindsay Rittenhouse

Good Humor

"Today, Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA has released a new free alternative to the jingle all ice cream trucks play as they pass by neighborhoods—“Turkey in the Straw.” The rapper, and producer explains in a video in a tweet that he was contacted by sweets vendor Good Humor to create a new, non-racist version of the childhood song."

Ilyse Liffreing


"The tattoo removal firm, which operates in 35 states, says it has seen a 30 percent increase in website leads and consultation inquiries compared to the same time last year via its INK-nitiative. Removery believes the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement are inspiring people to make big changes, including removing hateful tattoos."

Jack Neff


"StreamElements, a company that provides streaming production tools for popular streamers such as Shroud and TimTheTatman, announced a $100,000 Creator Diversity Fund. The initiative aims to provide people of color and other under represented groups with professional live streaming services."

George P. Slefo 

Teen Vogue

"To mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, Condé Nast’s Teen Vogue has dedicated its August issue—titled “Suffragettes”—to speaking out about voter suppression."

Ilyse Liffreing

Nintendo's Animal Crossing

"Before, players had the option of a few different skin representations, but with Venus’ involvement, players can now build their characters from 19 different skin types and eight different skin tones. From that, more than 250 combinations can be created, and avatars can represent everyday people with freckles, acne, cellulite, scars, tattoos and underrepresented skin types like vitiligo."

Ilyse Liffreing

Oprah's O Magazine

"Oprah’s O Magazine, which put Breonna Taylor on its September cover, stated it would place 26 billboards of the cover across her hometown with a call-to-action that reads: “Demand that the police involved in killing Breonna Taylor be arrested and charged."

Ilyse Liffreing

Until Freedom

"Until Freedom is an organization that is focused on getting all the officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death charged."

Ilyse Liffreing


"Phenomenal, a women’s lifestyle brand that aims to drive awareness for social justice issues, is raising money for the Breonna Taylor Foundation with a star-studded social campaign for its latest justice-fueled T-shirt."

Ilyse Liffreing


"Twitter has suspended white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, The Verge reported. A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge that the decision falls under the platform’s “guidance on harmful links.” Duke’s account had more than 53,000 followers."

Ilyse Liffreing


"Google has seen an explosion in searches for “Black owned businesses” in recent months, a surge that’s directly tied to the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement. The company, as a result, is giving merchants in the U.S. the option to add a Black-owned business attribute to their profile."

George P. Slefo


"WPP CEO Mark Read released the holding company's U.S. staff diversity makeup data in an email to employees on Thursday and announced the appointment of an inclusion council and taskforce" "to give particular focus to the challenges facing our Black colleagues and communities in North America."

Lindsay Rittenhouse


"Nestlé announced on July 30 that starting next year, Juneteenth will be recognized as a company holiday in the United States. The Swiss food maker also announced a $1.5 million donation to the National Urban League, UNCF and other organizations."

Jessica Wohl


"The Women’s National Basketball Association, which has dedicated its season to Breonna Taylor and the Say Her Name movement, is also showing its support for Taylor on social media and on the court."

Ilyse Liffreing


"On Wednesday the National Basketball Association announced the NBA Board of Governors will launch a new foundation that aims to increase “economic opportunity and empowerment in the Black community.” The foundation will focus on helping high school, college and career-ready Black men and women with employment opportunities and career advancement."

Ilyse Liffreing


"Adobe is boosting efforts to amplify the voices of underrepresented creators, with an emphasis on women. The company has launched its own website dedicated to highlighting diverse female creators called Diverse Voices."

Golden State Warriors(NBA)

"In a video honoring the late Congressman John Lewis, The National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors voiced their opinion on Twitter, saying that voter suppression is on the rise and gives a call-to-action for change. “John Lewis left the fight to protect voting rights for us to finish,” reads the video."

Ilyse Liffreing

Work & Co.

"Work & Co, a privately-owned digital agency based in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, has established a $1 million fund “to support startups and organizations focused on the advancement of the Black community,” according to the company." 

Lindsay Rittenhouse

Chemistry/Cam Kirk Studios

"The Ally Internship provides job opportunities for Atlanta's Black creatives

Full-service creative agency Chemistry and Cam Kirk Studios (which is led by hip-hop photographer Cam Kirk) are partnering to create The Ally Internship, dedicated to expanding job opportunities for Atlanta’s Black creatives."

Lindsay Rittenhouse


"CBS announced it will make sure its programming is more reflective of viewers’ true diversity with a new commitment towards developing projects and a goal to expand the diversity of its writers’ rooms. Beginning with the 2021-2022 season, the network will allocate 25 percent of its script development budget to projects created or co-created by from Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC)."

Ilyse Liffreing


"Skittles partners with Todrick Hall to show that its support of the Black trans community extends beyond Pride Month.

It’s far too often that brands will celebrate Pride month and then be silent for the rest of the year. Skittles wants to prove that it’s not that kind of brand. The candy has partnered with influencer Todrick Hall to donate $100,000 to the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition."

Ilyse Liffreing

Toronto Raptors (NBA)

"The Toronto Raptors are practicing in Florida until the season resumes on July 30, and the team is riding around in style in large black team buses with “Black Lives Matter” spelled out in bold block letters across the windows."

Ilyse Liffreing

Denver Ad School

"Denver Ad School (DAD) is calling on agencies in its state of Colorado—including CPB and TDA Boulder—to invest in a scholarship fund it set up to “create a consistent pipeline of local, diverse portfolio school-trained talent that feeds into a market in desperate need of the stories, skills and influence of Black voices.”

Lindsay Rittenhouse


"Ogilvy partner highlights 100 Black change-makers in new digital book

The disproportionately low number of Black individuals in the workforce and in positions of power has long been a stain within American companies. Many executives are now coming forward with pledges promising change. A new digital book and website called “blacklist100” hopes to be the first place they look to be inspired."

Ilyse Liffreing 

NBC Universal

"Cesar Conde, the new chairman at NBCUniversal News Group, pledged in a memo to staff on Tuesday, that the company would work towards having a workforce made up of 50 percent of people of color and 50 percent women. Conde states that the initiative is called the “Fifty Percent Challenge Initiative.”

Ilyse Liffreing 

Tampa Bay Rays

"The Tampa Bay Rays are celebrating the return of Major League Baseball by using social media channels to highlight racial injustice." On Twitter, the team tweeted: “Today is Opening Day, which means it’s a great day to arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor.”

Ilyse Liffreing

Beyond Meat

"Beyond Meat says it is partnering with Social Change Fund, a new nonprofit, to help fight disparities in the Black community including access to nutritious food. Social Change Fund was created by Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Black executives, the plant-based food brand said."

Jessica Wohl

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA)

"The World Federation of Advertisers is calling on the ad industry to cease using the terms “blacklist” and “whitelist” because they perpetuate biases, according to an open letter from Stephan Loerke, CEO of trade group."

George P. Slefo


"Research by the University of California Santa Cruz found the number of Black-owned businesses declined 41 percent between February and April as they became disproportionate victims of the pandemic and related lockdowns. Now Unilever’s Caress is trying to address the problem by committing $1 million to IFundWomen of Color to support business coaching for women of color entrepreneurs and small business owners."

Jack Neff


"Photo editing and sharing app VSCO is highlighting success stories of Black individuals and communities in its new summer-long campaign called #BlackJoyMatters."

Ilyse Liffreing

Old Navy

"Old Navy is known for its singsong commercials featuring products and promotions. But a new spot goes in a different direction for the Gap Inc.-owned brand. Old Navy recently tapped five activists, including Marley Dias, a 15-year-old feminist and author of #100BlackGirlBooks and Ja’Mal Green, a civil rights advocate in Chicago, for a new 30-second commercial called “We are We.”

Adrianne Pasquarelli

Boycott Businesses List

Below Please see the list of companies that we suggest be boycotted. Please note that many of the companies are on our list not because of some egregious offence, but for the lack of diversity in their corporate staff. Also note that many on this list have contributed dollars to differing causes which sounds great however they lack the desire to place people of color in their corporate offices and in managerial ​structure. Thus they have made our boycott list! Until they put their corporate jobs in diverse individuals hands then we should hold up on increasing that companies bottom lines.


"NPR is made up of  81% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Snapchat is made up of 86% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Wendy's is made up of 94% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Disney is made up of 75% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Twitter is made up of 60% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Lowes is made up of 70% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"At&t is made up of 83% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Zoom is made up of 70% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

Cond`e Nast

"Cond`e Nast is made up of 90% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

T Mobile

"T Mobile is made up of 79% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"CNN is made up of 93% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Target is made up of 68% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

Under Armor

"Under Armor is made up of 82% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

Goldman Sachs

"Goldman Sachs is made up of 89% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"MicroSoft is made up of 81% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Starbucks is made up of 71% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

New York Times

"New York Times is made up of 85% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Netflix is made up of 94% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

Goya Foods

"Goya Foods faces a boycott from prominent Latinx Americans and others upset after hearing comments made by the food company’s CEO, Bob Unanue, outside the White House on Thursday. Unanue, speaking about his company’s food donation plans, said the United States is “blessed” to have a leader like President Donald Trump, who looked on from a nearby podium. “We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder,” Unanue said."

Jessica Wohl


"Apple is made up of 77% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Amazon is made up of 87% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"LuLulemon is made up of 94% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Adidas is made up of 100% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Loreal is made up of 86% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Spotify is made up of 88% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

Johnson & Johnson

"Johnson & Johnson is made up of 83% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Verizon is made up of 70% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Gap is made up of 87% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"McDonald's is made up of 77% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

CVS Health

"CVS Health is made up of 90% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"Nike is made up of 85% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.

Hearst Magazine

"Wendy's is made up of 94% White Executives" According to Truecolors.offical.


"According to a report by The New York Times, the company conducted an internal investigation after allegations by former employees of “anti-Black behavior” and of “selling an image to the world that did not reflect their damaging experiences inside the company.”

Alexandra Jardine


Facebook bans 'white nationalism' and promises new civil rights hire to meet boycott demands. 

The problem with this is that it took a boycott to create this change. 

Washington Redskins

After Years of Pressure The Redskins owner finally decides to change the name of his NFL Team. However I feel his change was due to pressure not with the desire to create inclusion.